Things That '90s Teens Did In TV & Films That Make No Sense Today

There are plenty of things about '90s entertainment that would confuse young people today. The slang. The cultural references. The outfits (okay, maybe not the outfits, unless they've never been inside a branch of Urban Outfitters).

But the most head-scratching moments probably involve outdated tech. Today's teens probably have dim recollections of phones with cords, but have likely never even heard of a beeper. A world without Instagram is something that only exists for them in nightmares.

Still, modern adolescents can still reap plenty of enjoyment from classic '90s teen flicks. They'll just need their older, wiser, twenty-something relatives to explain what on earth a cassette tape is. Ahead, nine examples of things characters do in '90s TV shows and movies that really don't make sense anymore.

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