The Hunter’s Moon In Aries Is Prime Time To Heal Past Wounds

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At 4:55 p.m. on October 9, the Hunter’s Moon in Aries will occur alongside the Orionid meteor shower. Both the full moon and shooting stars will light up the sky this weekend, giving us the chance to experience the universe on a whole new level — one that will open our eyes to our inner spirit.
The day before the full moon, metamorphic Pluto turns direct, ending the planetary moonwalk that began on April 29. The forward motion of Pluto allows us to acknowledge our shadow selves and the parts we keep hidden from the outside world. Our hearts and souls are yearning for growth and transformation on a spiritual level, which requires a shedding of the past and a resurrection of ourselves as we lean into change. Acknowledging what needs to evolve in our lives can be challenging, but the process will awaken the deepest parts of us that are in need of modifications.
The cosmic Plutonian energy plays into the theme of the full moon. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s not matured yet. This lunation reminds us that there are some growing pains along the way to becoming the most evolved versions of ourselves. First, we have to face our trauma and mend past wounds. Since the healing centaur Chiron, who is currently retrograde in Aries, aligns with the moon, we can expect to feel tender as our weaknesses are exposed. Being that Chiron is the healer who could help everyone but themselves, we are taking back our power and energy that we give out to others and applying it to help ourselves. The lesson is to not be afraid to put ourselves first. Being selfish is sometimes necessary and essential — especially when we are in a situation of crisis.
Luckily, the harmonious Libra sun is giving us balance in the matter and allowing us to find resolve. Lovely Venus in Libra, action-oriented Mars in Gemini, and rigid Saturn retrograde in Aquarius create a loose Grand Air trine with the Libra sun, which helps us find reason in our actions. It also gives us the capacity to communicate our feelings with others in a pragmatic way instead of holding it all in. These planets also aspect the passionate Aries moon, which is igniting our desire to give ourselves TLC. Our sense of self and pride are becoming bigger — mostly in the love affair we have with ourselves. This will strengthen the healing process, as our confidence and self-esteem pushes us to move away from past hurts that have left a scar on our hearts.
All in all, the Hunter’s Moon is enlightening us to see the beauty that lives inside of us. Embracing our flaws and everything that makes us unique is a process that begins on October 9. Don’t run away from the subconscious and shadow side of your personality: It’s a part of you that needs to be seen and nurtured. Doing so gives us the chance to understand the depths of ourselves that are rarely seen, which require compassion and empathy, too. Once we do that, then we can move forward and transform our lives for the better.
Writing our own personal mantras and stating the affirmations in front of a mirror is a good way to start acknowledging our wonderful attributes. It will also help in building up self-love and creating a beautiful relationship with ourselves. Plus, this activity gives us the ability to remain in the present and focus on ourselves in real time, instead of focusing on things that aren’t as important.
As we embrace the full moon, remember the eternal words of RuPaul: “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” In order to make the world a better place, it’s important to take a hard look in the mirror and make the necessary changes within yourself first. The rest will follow. It starts with you.

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