Everything Christmas Films Lied To Us About

It's beginning to look like a lot like Christmas. Except, it's not — not the sort of Christmas you'd see in movies, anyway. It's not snowing. There's not a caroler in sight. "Ode to Joy" does not blast out of the speakers every time you do something awesome.
In real life, the Christmas holidays don't look anything like they do in the movies. Mind you, that's not always a bad thing. We could do without big Christmas Eve heists and Santas who want to kill you, rob you, or at least abscond with your roast beef. Sure, our presents aren't as beautifully wrapped, our trees aren't as photogenic, and families with five kids do not fly first class to Paris. But aren't those all small sacrifices when you consider that your chances of electrocuting the cat with Christmas tree lights or being forced to pay strangers to spend the holiday with you are really quite slim?
Behold, some of the holiday myths Hollywood would have you believe…

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