Your Guide To The Mess Of Characters & Cameos In The New Suicide Squad

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.
Major spoilers are ahead. The new Suicide Squad is here. But what is The Suicide Squad? What does it have to do with the 2016 film of the same name? And who are all these new characters you've never heard of? Well, have no fear, we're here to set the stage and introduce you to the stacked cast of DC Comics' newest movie. 
While The Suicide Squad shares a name (and a few cast members) with David Ayer's edgy PG-13 blockbuster, James Gunn's 2021 movie is a standalone film. The squad originated in The Brave and the Bold comics in 1959 and are essentially a black ops team of villains enlisted by the government to take on missions that are too dangerous for anyone else. 
Gunn's film sets the crew on a mission to the fictional South American nation of Corto Maltese. Their aim? To stop the mysteriously named Project Starfish, which could be a world-ending threat. The new R-rated take on the team is not for the squeamish; it has a lot more to offer than heads blowing up and the superhero action you might be expecting. Hidden under all that ultra-violence is a heartfelt story and a stacked cast of Hollywood's biggest names. But you might need a little help spotting them all under the wild prosthetics, colourful costumes, and fake blood. That's where our helpful list comes in. 
We're breaking down the sprawling cast and giving you a little insight into their roles in the wacky world of The Suicide Squad. And because it's just that kind of movie, we're also going to tell you if they're alive or dead when the final credits roll. So strap in and get ready to get wild as we enter the gritty and gross world of Task Force X. 

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