Your Horoscope This Week: May 16, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

uThe last days of Taurus season make themselves known this week, hitting the snooze button and begging for just a few more hours of rest. Meanwhile, with Venus and Mercury clamouring for attention and stimulation in Gemini, rest isn’t really on the itinerary. Of course, just because something’s not on the schedule doesn’t mean it’s not available to those who demand it. With the shadow of Mercury retrograde in full effect and the imminence of the Sun’s ingress into Gemini, communication is key if anyone expects to get their needs met — but, we all know how tricky communication can be in a shadow period. 
On May 21st, the Sun in Gemini will square Jupiter in Pisces, an aspect that’s sure to have us negotiating our expectations. On the collective front, our relationship to knowledge is changing. International issues that were once framed as “conflicts” or “arguments” are reframed within a larger narrative of colonisation and suppression, whether it’s Israel’s inhumane occupation of Palestine, the ongoing war against ethnic Armenians in Azerbaijan, or the uprising against police violence in Colombia. We are called to reckon with our role in, our relationship with, our endorsement of the information that is shared and information that’s suppressed.

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