Every Song On Amazon Prime’s Them Soundtrack

Photo: courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Spoilers are ahead. The secret to a truly terrifying horror film is a good soundtrack. Suspense, intrigue, and pure fright can be conjured with a simple melody or pounding beat. That's precisely why Amazon Prime's original series Them is so successfully creepy — that and, well, the racism.
This Black horror project, created by Little Marvin and executive produced by Lena Waithe, underscores the grisly nature of racism by placing it alongside scary paranormal phenomena. Set in 1950s Los Angeles during the Second Great Migration, a Black family moves to the all-white suburban East Compton neighbourhood, excited for a fresh start in an idyllic setting. However, dark forces threaten to turn their dream home into a nightmare: the blatant anti-Blackness of their new neighbours, and evil spirits that seek to harm them.
The doo-wop hits and 1950s ditties in Them reflect the time period in which the Emory family live. These songs, like the classic ballad "Over The Rainbow" that opens the show, would feel warm and bright in any other scenario — but in the series, many of the songs feel much more foreboding, and even sinister. Ahead are all the songs you'll hear in Them.

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