Hailey Bieber Apologises For “Being Rude” In Response To Viral TikTok

Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images.
Hailey Bieber took to her new YouTube channel to address a viral TikTok video in which a former Manhattan hostess Julia Carolan alleged that the model was rude to her on “a handful” of occasions.
"When I saw [Carolan's] video I was so upset," Hailey told Dr Jessica Clemons in part two of a YouTube video titled "Cancel culture, mental health & social media." "There's never an excuse for being rude.”
In the TikTok, Carolan rated interactions that she’s had with celebrities during her time in the restaurant industry: Gigi and Bella Hadid received a "10 out of 10," YouTuber Cameron Dallas received a "4 out of 10," and Bieber’s wife got a "3.5 out of 10" for being "not nice."
“This is gonna be controversial," Carolan said in the video. "I've met [Bieber] a handful of times and every time she was not nice. I really wanna like her but I have to give her like a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry!"
Hailey said that while she "felt bad" that Carolan had a negative experience meeting her, she also felt "frustrated" because people tend to take their interactions with others at face value.
"You never know what someone's going through,” Bieber said. “I remember going through times in my life where I was so sad, and so heartbroken that like engaging with people felt hard for me."
"I wish I didn't act that way towards her,” she continued. “I'm a human and I made a mistake and I acted a way that was out of character for me. I acted in a way that I don't want to be. I'm trying to do better every single day. I want to continue to grow as a person. I'm open to people correcting me."
Bieber did, however, also made the point that she personally doesn't believe that the people who she should take cues from on how to act "need to be people on social media."
That may be the case, but that won't stop TikTok from talking.

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