Cardi B’s Makeup-Free Message Shuts Down The Haters

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Cardi B took to Instagram yesterday with a concise message to her haters: "I feel good." After noting that people have made negative comments about her makeup-free face, the Grammy Award-winning rapper recorded a video fresh off the wake up, showing off her hyperpigmentation, uncombed hair, and all.
The Invasion of Privacy rapper historically hasn't been afraid to show fans what she looks like when the makeup comes off: She posted a fresh-faced video to her Instagram in November thanking her fans for selling out her Reebok sneaker collaboration, and she danced with her bonnet on back in November after learning her song "WAP" made it to #1 on the Billboard charts. This time, however, Cardi B took a minute to address those who've taken candid videos and photos of her without makeup.
"Y'all take pictures of videos of me with no makeup while I'm in motion and be like, 'Oh look at Cardi. She looks so weird without no makeup.' This me without no makeup. No filter. You could see all the little blemishes all over my face. You can see my lips all chapped. I just woke up 20 minutes ago, didn't even brush my hair," she said. "I feel good. Every single time a bitch is feeling good, like y'all be doing to the other young lady, when y'all see them doing so good, y'all be trying to pull their confidence down. That don't work on me anymore."
Cardi's mention of the "other young lady" is most likely a reference to the backlash Chloe Bailey received on social media for her Instagram content. She drives home the point that women continue to be torn down for their looks not only by men, but by other women, and access to social media has made it so easy for followers — and haters — to make claims that suddenly gain real traction after a couple hundred retweets and likes.
Even after all the high-fashion red-carpet appearances and awards, Cardi B still gives her fans the energy and personality they saw when they first met her on Love and Hip Hop, and this recent video is a reflection of her "take it or leave it" personality. "I just want y'all to know I feel comfortable in my skin, that I'm great, that I'm happy," she added — before expressing her happiness at the success of her music and ending with a quintessential New York salutation.

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