Cardi B Just Revealed Her Secret Recipe For Keeping Her Natural Hair Healthy

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images.
Cardi B's candidness isn't limited to matters of politics and plastic surgery: Her straightforward approach extends to her beauty routine, too. Yesterday, the rapper gave fans a glimpse into how she takes care of her and her nearly two-year-old daughter's natural hair at home by sharing every step of the routine, down to the last DIY ingredient.
Cardi assumed the role of beauty YouTuber on her Instagram Story to break down the homemade hair mask she uses to keep Kulture's curls moisturised. "This is a hair mask that I am doing for Kulture," she said, showing off a bowl of mashed avocados. "I just finished putting argan oil, and I'm gonna put mayonnaise, castor oil, and olive oil. I know it's a lot of oil, but my baby's hair needs to be really hydrated like mine."
The star went on to add bananas and eggs to the mixture, two supermarket staples that are common in DIY hair masks for their nourishing properties. "This treatment is really good for curl patterns," she said, showing off numerous photos of her natural hair soon after. "It's just a good hair mask to help your hair grow. All the good things you put in your body, you put in your hair."
After letting her concoction sit on her strands, Cardi shared a final snap of her look on her feed. "The end results of all that shit I put on my hair earlier," she wrote. "It helps with hair growth A LOT." Judging by the healthy shine, this DIY mixture is definitely worth attempting at home for a self-care beauty moment — using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

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