Cardi B Got Real About Breakouts & Asked Her Twitter Followers For Help

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Like so many of us struggling with winter dryness combined with daily mask-wearing, Cardi B revealed today that her skin hasn't been on its best behaviour. The rapper took to Twitter to have a come-to-Jesus moment with her followers and get tips on how to treat her breakouts. "I been breaking out lately, and my face is extremely dry," she wrote. "I don't think these products are working. I think it's the water out here …What are some good products for little blackheads breakouts and dry skin on your face?" Cardi shared a close-up photo of her skin, giving followers a look at her breakouts. "It's been happening for like 3 months now," she said.
Naturally, fans immediately came to Cardi's rescue with a ton of tips to help with her dryness and breakouts — her tweet currently has over 1.6k replies. One curious fan asked if the WAP rapper if she's given Cetaphil a try for her skin concerns. "I don't feel like it cleans my face right," she said of the brand's cult-favourite cleanser. Cardi's mum, however, approves of the high street store line, according to the star. 
Cardi revealed that she's also given Clinique's system a try but didn't see the results she hoped for. "It worked a lil bit, but still sometimes my face gets really dry, and I'm breaking out. I don't know if it's cause of age or the water out here," she said of her Los Angeles location. She's also dabbled in oils, which she said made her skin itchy.
During her skincare chat, the rapper revealed that she went to a dermatologist, who prescribed her retinol, and she's now experiencing the common side effects. "I went to a dermatologist like 2 weeks ago, and he gave me that, and my face was so dry, and it burns," she explained.
What Cardi did have time for, however, was a rec from The Ordinary, which was given high marks by a fan, and a personal endorsement made by Kehlani to visit aesthetician Sean Garrette. It seems as though Kehlani's advice didn't go unnoticed, since the rapper later revealed that she'd look into her tip and report back to her fans. "Imma give ya an update in 2 weeks ... I'm off this for a while...LOVE YA," she wrote. While most experts would say that two weeks isn't enough time to see drastic results with your skin, it's enough time to see positive improvements with consistency — so godspeed on your skin journey, Cardi.

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