Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here

Feeling curious? We're drawn towards seeking out hidden truths on Monday, when messenger Mercury forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto. We can use this transit to dive deep into subjects that had previously been difficult to understand, as we’ll have the mental strength to make a breakthrough. 
Our drive and ambitions are blessed with a dose of endurance starting on Wednesday, when warrior Mars enters determined Taurus. Our best bet is to focus on one goal as we navigate this transit. The same day, it could feel as though we're waiting for our friends to give us the green light to make plans as the emotion-ruling Moon wanes into her third quarter in social Libra. We should try to avoid putting too much pressure on others to make us happy during this demanding moon phase.
We may notice a collective shift in our thirst for knowledge starting on Friday, as inquisitive Mercury enters intellectual Aquarius. We should be ready for unexpected conversations; we may have to engage in subjects that encourage us to grow our sense of compassion and love for humanity. Love- and money-ruling Venus also makes a shift, entering practical Capricorn on Friday. We can expect people to take relationships more seriously, and we’ll be forced to consider how to create more stability in partnerships. When it comes to material needs, we become more frugal with our resources and prioritise planning for the unexpected. We may be tempted to blow up at minor indiscretions on Friday, when speedy Mercury creates a square against fiery Mars. It's easy to get heated without knowing what we're angry about when these planets clash. When in doubt, take a deep breath and work to understand where everyone is coming from.
We're ready to patch things up on Saturday, when sweet Venus forms a trine with passionate Mars. This is a brilliant day to release your creative energy and channel your spirit into something beautiful.

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