Some Of The Voices In Pixar’s Soul Are Straight Up Legendary

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
While Pixar’s last film, Onward, did actually come out this year, but that somehow feels like a lifetime ago. So, we are more than overdue for another animated movie from the studio. Soul was originally scheduled to be released in June, but it's now closing out the year with a few laughs, some tears, and a few major questions about the meaning of life. 
Pixar already served up a deep flick about moving through new stages of life with Inside Out, but its latest release takes that concept a step further. Soul, which features some jazz numbers written and performed by musician Jon Batiste, tells the story of a teacher named Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx). He is headed to the biggest music opportunity of his life when he suddenly suffers an accident. While his body remains on Earth, his soul travels to the Great Beyond and then the Great Before, where he meets a fellow soul named 22. 
Soul tackles the profound idea of why life is worth living, so it needed a group of skilled, comedic actors and musicians to the characters both emotional and lighthearted. There are so many souls and humans in this movie and multiple have the same name. It can get confusing, so in case you need help figuring it out, here's a quick guide.

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