Kellyanne Conway Is Leaving The White House After Her Daughter Tweets About Seeking Emancipation

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Days after Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of Donald Trump’s counsellor Kellyanne Conway and her husband George, expressed her devastation over her mother speaking at the Republican National Convention this week on Twitter, both Kellyanne and George announced on Sunday that they are stepping down from their high-profile political positions. Kellyanne has served as Trump’s counsellor since 2017 and George is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, a committee formed in 2019 to fight against Trump’s reelection.
Kellyanne announced her intention to leave the White House and shared her parting words on Twitter, writing in an attached statement that she would be “transitioning from the White House at the end of this month.”
“Our four children are teens and ‘tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months. As millions of parents nationwide know, kids ‘doing school from home’ requires a level of attention,” she stated. “This is completely my choice and my voice. In time, I will announce future plans. For now, and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mama.”
George also tweeted that he was “withdrawing” from The Lincoln Project to “to devote more time to family matters,” but that he would “continue to support the Lincoln Project and its mission. Passionately.” He also stated he would take a hiatus from Twitter.
But the Conway's joint decision to step aside from their current roles leading up to the November election has many speculating. Author and former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson was among many to provide unsolicited advice and reasoning behind Kellyanne’s decision, claiming that this was a direct result of her daughter, Claudia's public demand for change. “I think Claudia standing up for what she believes politically is brave & beautiful," Williamson wrote, before suggesting that onlookers stoking division between the family are simply exploiting them.
Amidst her parents’ resigning from their jobs, Claudia also announced that she was seeking emancipation from them, citing alleged abuse. It is unclear whether her parents’ decision or the latter is her reasoning for doing so.
"Y'all, I know I said I was taking a break, but um, um, um, um," Claudia posted in reaction to the news on TikTok with her parents' headline announcement in the backdrop.
The 15-year-old’s Twitter and TikTok profiles, where she regularly decries Trump and her parents’ political beliefs, as well as supports the social justice causes like the Black Lives Matter movement, has earned her a significant social media following in the last few months. It's also caused many to speculate divisions among the family, where three distinct political views are all at odds.
Neither Kellyanne nor George has spoken publicly about Claudia’s social media presence, though George has previously asked for his family's privacy, citing that Claudia is a minor. But with all of the time the Conway family is about to have together, this could be a new beginning for the family of six, who have certainly engaged in some awkward family dinners.

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