7 Drinking Games You Can Even Play In A Pandemic

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Whether you'll be spending the rest of the summer tuning into life from your childhood bedroom, seeing friends outdoors from six feet apart, or about to return to whatever the heck pandemic-era freshers is, there's never been a better time to have a little extra fun with your drinking. Unfortunately, the pandemic has squashed our ability to play classic drinking games like Slap Cup, Flip Cup, and Beer Pong, but never fear, we've got some workarounds. Ahead, we have a plethora of drinking games that are both quarantine-friendly and still fun. So grab a White Claw (or a Smirnoff, or your mixed drink of choice, or even water), and get sipping. And, as always, please drink responsibly.

Movie Drinking Games

An easy fix for your drinking game needs. Grab some friends, throw on Netflix Party or Zoom screen share a show, and follow the rules of your favourite movie drinking game. If you're a Bachelor fan, we highly recommend this one... if you're willing to rewatch Peter make a neverending series of terrible life choices, that is.

Power Hour

Simple, easy, and effective. Grab a YouTube playlist and take a drink every time the song changes. You can do this over Zoom or from ten feet apart in your backyard.


A Cards Against Humanity-esque online game from Jackbox Games, Quiplash is a great game for both drinking and non-drinking purposes. To make it a drinking game, simply drink whenever you don't win a round and if you get a "quiplash," everybody finishes their drink. Things will get sillier throughout the game, so prepare for some giggles!

Drunk Pirate

A game literally made for online drinking, Drunk Pirate is simple. Get on Zoom, share your screen, and take turns doing what the cards say. This is best played with a bigger group of people, and if you have to skip a card because it doesn't work virtually, everybody has to drink.

Truth Or Drink

The best way to make Truth or Dare pandemic-friendly. Skip the dares and just pull the truth out of all your friends... or make them drink!

Never Have I Ever: Zoom Edition

Give yourself a little throwback to those high school days and put up ten fingers! Go around and say "Never have I ever [insert something you've never done]." Everyone who has done it claps, drinks, and puts a finger down.

King's Cup Online

The internet gods have gifted us with a King's Cup app. Download the app, put in your game code, and start drawing cards. You'll have to skip the actual King's Cup since that definitely isn't pandemic-safe, but you'll get plenty of sips in throughout the game.

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