The Songs of 2020 That Will Remind You That It’s Actually Summer

Photographed by Erika Long.
Be they filled with long days at a daytime party, or sunny pool sessions that turned into long nights exploring the town, the warm weather months were supposed to be spent living our best lives. Vacations had been booked, outfits had been purchased. Summer 2020 was supposed to be something out of a movie.
That's what we should have been doing — what we're actually doing is a lot more bleak. Due to the global spread of the coronavirus, much of the country has essentially been shut down for months now. Many of us our nearing our fourth consecutive month of social distancing in our homes, and we're still wearing masks on the rare occasion that we decide to venture outdoors. This wasn't exactly the summer we were expecting.
But even if you aren't able to lay out on that beach or day drink on that rooftop in the city, you can still channel the good vibes of the season through your very own personal music playlist. Artists across every genre are still putting out music, and the new tracks are exactly what you need to salvage what's left of your summer. Even if it's from the safety of your own home.
From romantic, swoon-worthy melodies to a run to a dance floor, twerk-worthy ear-worm that just won't get out of your head, these are the songs that will make it feel like summer again.

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