Have Unanswered Tiger King Questions? Good News: Most Of The Cast Are On Cameo

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If there’s one thing that’s united the world during these difficult times, it’s the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Whether you watched in disgust at the animal abuse and rampant misogyny, or revelled in the audacity of Joe Exotic and his crew of cast-offs, you were probably left with lots of questions. 
There’s some good news for Tiger King fans: much of the cast are on Cameo, the platform where you can pay for video shoutouts from people with varying degrees of fame, and they’re not holding back. 
Jeff Lowe (and his wife, Lauren) will give you a shoutout for $150 (around £121), and you can watch the couple’s videos for other fans. In one of them, Lowe even mentions the follow-up special Netflix is shooting with the cast members who aren’t currently incarcerated. 
Kelci Saffery, AKA Saff, has done a series of birthday shoutouts for $100 (around £81), and they’re super endearing, reminding fans to “stay positive” during these tough times. 
For a hefty $250 (around £203), you can get a personalised message from Doc Antle. It’s unclear if he’ll comment on his polyamorous personal life, as he has only done one video so far, in which he is snuggled up to an elephant. For $80 (£65), Exotic’s tattooed ex-husband John Finlay will give you a “gator-style” shoutout and show off his new teeth.
Unfortunately, the currently imprisoned Joe Exotic isn’t on Cameo (yet), although he did recently clear some things up in a Netflix interview from prison, stating he’s “ashamed” of how he treated his animals, but less so about the drama that went down with rival big cat owner Carole Baskin.
Baskin and her husband, who probably don’t need the money, are nowhere to be seen on Cameo, but they will have a chance to tell their story soon, as Baskin is stepping back into the spotlight with a scripted series based on her life that can’t be produced soon enough. Saturday Night Live’s very own Kate McKinnon will serve as an executive producer and is also slated to star in the project as the Florida animal rights activist who finds herself in Exotic’s direct line of fire.

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