Miley Cyrus Gave Herself A Quarantine Fringe, Joe Exotic-Style

Photo: Presley Ann/WireImage.
As the days under quarantine start to blend together, Miley Cyrus did what any sensible person would do while stuck inside: she decided to give herself a fringe. The result? Let’s just say it looks pretty exotic.  
“Lucky for me, I’m not going to be seeing anyone,” Cyrus joked in reference to the coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone inside and her new look from being on public display.
Cyrus revealed that she cut her own fringe with a pair of scissors she had lying around during an episode of her new Instagram live talk show, Bright Minded. And her guests, hairstylist Justin Anderson and Kristin Cavallari, listened as Cyrus explained the cut bore a striking resemblance to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic
Fans piled on with the Tiger King comparisons with side-by-side photos. And trust us: once you see it, you can’t unsee it. 
Cyrus debuted a chin-length bob back in January, but as Anderson pointed out during the talk show, she frequently likes to switch things up. Cyrus even recently gave her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, a buzzcut
Other celebs such as Dua Lipa and Rosalía have also chopped bangs while stuck inside, though Cyrus seems to be the only star who’s cut went a little wild. That’s probably why she also advised fans to not try it at home. 
From internet sensation to hair inspiration, what a time to be Joe Exotic. 

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