Mercury Retrograde Is Ending, But It May Bring Back Your Exes

PHotographed by Jessica Garcia.
If you haven't been checking your 2020 horoscopes, you might want to now. The first Mercury retrograde of the decade is finally coming to an end. Since February 16 we've been experiencing some serious confusion around our emotions and intuition that might've been the root to our distress.
The speedy planet will turn direct on March 9th and, as always with a retro-shade, we can expect communication to get extra crazy during this time. "Mercury retrograde doesn't actually end," explains Stephanie Powell, head of content at and "The second the planet begins its forward motion again, we will revisit themes and topics that came up during this retrograde period as we retrace Mercury's steps."
This particular retro-shade is also in Aquarius, and will last from March 9 to March 29.
"As we begin to communicate through an Aquarius lens and with Aquarius ideals, we embrace a more detached perspective, and the tail end of retrograde season will actually feel easier," says Powell. "We're able to problem solve with clarity, and solutions pop up quicker than when Mercury was moving through Pisces, a sign often noted for its elusiveness."
Stardust says that this retro-shade is also a time for a deeper look into your current connections.
"Situations and relationships will be up for one last review as we decide how to move forward," Stardust says. "It’s important to keep in mind that situations may speed up, but not as they regularly would. There’s still a little bit of a lag in getting things moving again. Therefore, it’s important to be patient with yourself and others until March 29. And, yes, exes can still reappear until the end of the month."
Be on the lookout for some major drama — Mercury turns direct the same day as the Super Worm Full Moon in Virgo a sign ruled by Mercury. This means some big, juicy secrets will be revealed because full moons bring truths to us, Stardust says. Be prepared for the madness!
When Mercury returns to the exact spot it began its retrograde on March 29, and the retro-shade officially ends, that's when real progress and momentum can pick up once again, Powell explains. More importantly, this is a time when we can all take a collective sigh of relief.
"For now, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for not texting your ex back or losing your phone," Powell says. "It's only up from here!"

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