Finally, An Affordable (And Easy) Way To See Hamilton

The historical hip-hop musical Hamilton took Broadway by storm in 2015 and divided the world in half. There were the people who shelled out major cash to see the original Hamilton cast on Broadway and the West End and those who, umm...didn’t. Joke’s on those who made it to the theatre, though: Hamilton is heading to the big screen, which means that all fans can have the same experience with the original cast — sorta, kinda.
Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. In the original Broadway production, he is played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote the musical's book, music, and lyrics. He departed from the Broadway role in 2016. He then got way busy starring in Mary Poppins Returns, writing music for the upcoming Little Mermaid movie, appearing in Philip Pullman TV series His Dark Materials, and working on the film adaptation of his Broadway musical In the Heights
Now, Miranda has an update for fans curious about the status of the new Hamilton movie, which was first teased in 2018. He tweeted on Monday that a performance by the original cast filmed onstage at The Richard Rodgers Theatre will be hitting theaters October 15, 2021.
Miranda did say there’s a good reason fans will want to wait. 
“You all have that friend who brags, 'I saw that with the original cast.' We’re stealing that brag from everyone. You’re all gonna see it with the original cast,” Miranda told Variety
It’s worth noting that the so-called Hamilton movie isn’t quite the same as, say, In the Heights, which is a full-scale cinematic experience. Instead, what Miranda is referring to is the theatrical release of a 2016 performance, which was filmed and sparked a multi-studio bidding war.  
Still, for those who couldn’t snag Hamilton tickets back in 2015, this is the closest you’ll get to that experience...whenever it happens. In the meantime, the adaptation of In the Heights hits cinemas in 2020.

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