There Are So Many Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

'Tis the season for Christmas movie marathons, and if you have Amazon Prime, there are festive movies both old and new that you can watch for free. Now that there are, like, a million different streaming platforms, there is almost too much Christmas content to sift through. But as the so-called streaming wars intensify, each service has unique festive offerings, so many of the movies found on Amazon Prime aren't streaming anywhere else.
And, as is requisite of any streaming lineup during the Christmas period, Amazon's movie selection is pretty varied. In a throwback mood? There are some '40s and '50s iconic films for that. Want to watch something animated? There's a Rankin/Bass classic. Want to see something a little newer? There's a newer A-list Christmas flick on the list, too. Basically, as Ariana Grande says (ish) "You want it, you got it."
Of course, Amazon has plenty of movies (basically the whole catalogue of everything ever created) that users can pay to rent or buy. But Christmas is already so expensive, what with the gifts and the trees and the food prep, so we're focusing on the items included in your Amazon Prime subscription.'Tis the season to get your money's worth.

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