Lady Gaga Shut Down Sexism In A 2009 Interview, So Why Is It Going Viral Now?

A decade-old clip of Lady Gaga shutting down a sexist interview question is going viral, partly because the singer's response is so spot-on.
During the 2009 interview, the singer-songwriter and future makeup mogul is asked whether she is "scared" that sexual references in her songs could "undermine" her music.
"I'm not scared, are you scared?" a completely unfazed Gaga responds, before casually mentioning that she already has three number-one records and nearly four million album sales to her name.
"You see, if I was a guy and I was sitting here with a cigarette in my hands grabbing my crotch talking about how I make music because I like fast cars and f**king girls, you'd call me a rock star," she continues.
"But when I do it in my music and videos, because I'm a female and I make pop music, you're judgemental and say it's distracting. I'm just a rock star."
Since being shared on Twitter earlier this week, the clip has been viewed nearly 750,00 times – check it out below.
Gaga's response is obviously flawless, but is it possible that the clip is also going viral because it's exactly the sort of sexist question that a female artist could still be asked in 2019?
Just last November, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix was asked which interview questions she'd like never to hear again.
"Are Little Mix actually friends? How can you be about empowering women when you wear sexy outfits? Basically, anything sexist!" she told Glamour.
Around the same time, Ariana Grande had to school Piers Morgan on why some female artists express their sexuality in their music, writing: "I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because i choose to. women can be sexual AND talented. naked and dignified. it’s OUR choice."
In March of this year, singer-songwriter and mum-of-five Sophie Ellis-Bextor took to Twitter to express disappointment that she is often asked about her childcare arrangements – a question which male artists with children member almost never have to face.
And in May, Taylor Swift coolly shut down a sexist question about whether turning 30 was a "turning point" for her in terms of wanting to start a family.
"I really don't think that men would be asked this question when they turn 30,” she replied. "So I'm not going to answer that now."
So while it's awesome to see Gaga's expert clap-back being so widely viewed, the clip also serves as a reminder of the ridiculous sexist questions that female artists are still facing now. In 2019, we really need to do better.

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