Donald Glover's Son Didn't Notice His Dad In The Lion King Because, Well, Beyoncé

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
You'd think the only people who might let you feel like you could outshine Beyoncé Knowles Carter is your family. It's their job to lie to you with pleasant nonsense, right? Well, for her The Lion King co-star, Donald Glover, that's not so much the case.
Apparently, Glover's young son didn't even know his dad was the voice of the titular Lion King, Simba, but somehow, he knew without a doubt that it was the movie with Beyoncé in it.
"[The Lion King] is his favourite movie, so I was like, oh, I'll just wait [to tell him I'm in it] until we're there, but somehow he found out about it, but still didn't know I was in it. He was like, 'Oh, the one with Beyoncé," explained Glover at the Lion King press conference on July 10, after taking his son to the premiere on July 9. "And then during the movie he's like 'Oh, Dad's in it too, this is great!'"
Glover doesn't often share details about his personal life or his two sons, and in turn with that philosophy, he also keeps them pretty shielded from consuming too much TV or pop culture. Ahead of the movie's premiere, he explained his disbelief at his son's knowledge of the movie and Bey's involvement, which had somehow made it through.
"Beyoncé has people who haven't even seen television loving her," he explained to Jimmy Kimmel on the July 9 episode (above), adding that he has no idea how his son found out about it. "I was like, 'Did Grandma tell you that?' and he was like, '[shrugs] it's Beyoncé.'"
Glover may not be able to outshine Bey (but also, who could?), but once his son did realise his dad's voice was one of the trio singing "Hakuna Matata" across the jungle, I'm sure Glover became his second favourite star in the movie.
The Lion King is in cinemas from 19th July

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