Monica Was Totally Jealous Of Rachel’s Hair

1friendsPhoto: Courtesy NBC/Warner Bros.
"The Rachel" haircut has a lot to answer for — and not just because it makes yearbook photos look so unbelievably dated. Who didn't take that print out to their local hair dressers?
During an appearance of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Courteney Cox admitted that the success of Jennifer Aniston's haircut "bummed her out." Her character, Monica Geller, was given the 'Dudley Moore' hair cut and more famously the humidity-inflicted frizzy look when they were in Barbados. This was the look that created countless memes across the internet and is mentioned by millennial women around the world whenever the humidity hits.
"You know what?" she told Kimmel after he asked why fans didn't rush to the salon get a Monica cut. "It kind of bums me out. Why didn't they? We had the same hairdresser [Chris McMillan]. I don't understand. I got nothing. I kept changing mine, like, 'If you don't like it I'll just keep doing it,’ and they never stuck!"
There, there. Plenty of us road tested Monica's long layers with sideswept bangs and that sleek bob. It's not her fault they also subjected her to Monica Lewinsky helmet hair and, um, those beaded cornrows.
If it's any consolation, Court, Monica totally had the best short-sleeved turtleneck tops. Call it even?

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