Toy Story 4 Is Giving The Internet All The Feelings

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios
Toy Story isn't like other film franchises. We all know that most sequels struggle to capture the magic of the original movie, and by the time we get to film four in the series, the story tends to feel a little bit tired.
But Toy Story 4, which arrives in UK cinemas this weekend, a full nine years after the completely wonderful Toy Story 3, seems to be defying the law of diminishing returns.
It currently holds a 98 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, signalling that nearly every review has been predominantly positive. Critics from all different kinds of publications are being charmed by its heart, laughs and pretty incredible voice cast which includes everyone from Tom Hanks to Christina Hendricks.
Writing for Refinery29, Kelsea Stahler concluded: "While Toy Story 4 won’t ever outrank the original film, it earns its spot in the pantheon of Woody and Buzz’s many adventures. For the fourth outing from a group of cartoon characters who’ve been at it since 1995, it’s a pretty decent ride.
"And by the time Woody finds his way and the credits roll, you’ll either be reaching for the nearest tissue or scrambling for your phone to give your parents — who might understand a thing or two about what Woody’s going through — a call."
The internet definitely agrees that Toy Story 4 is an emotional journey. "My god, pack tissues for Toy Story 4," one fan tweeted after leaving the cinema. "Absolutely sobbing, snot bubbles the lot."
Another fan even claimed that the movie's central love story is "better than Twilight and Titanic" – big, big words there.
Check out a selection of reactions being shared on Twitter below. Some of them contain minor spoilers.
Toy Story 4 is in UK cinemas now. You'll probably want to bring a large box of tissues to the screening.

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