Allison Williams Channels Her Get Out Character For Her Next Insane Netflix Movie

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If you still don’t trust Allison Williams after her villainous turn in Get Out, her new Netflix thriller won’t exactly change your mind. In the upcoming The Perfection, Williams portrays a young woman hellbent on destroying a rival cellist — even if that means hacking off some limbs.
The trailer for the film dropped on Monday 15th April, and it is a lot. Williams plays Charlotte, a music prodigy who bumps up against Dear White People star Logan Browning’s Elizabeth, the new “star pupil” Charlotte’s former school. Her talent clearly doesn't sit well with Charlotte, who, seemingly has a hand in making Elizabeth lose her mind.
The trailer opens with Elizabeth in the midst of a mental breakdown, in which she sees bugs crawling under her skin. Whether these bugs are really there or a projection from Elizabeth’s head is unclear. Despite Charlotte’s claims that she’s here to get Elizabeth help, it’s clear she has her own agenda — which she makes known the moment she pulls a giant hatchet out of her bag.
“You know what you have to do,” Charlotte says, entirely too calmly as she holds the comically large knife.
(It’s basically The Perfection’s version of Rose’s very revealing Get Out line: “You know I can’t give you the keys, right babe?”)
Did Charlotte plan on having Elizabeth cut off her arm, making it impossible for Elizabeth to play the cello? It certainly seems like it, given the jealous stare Charlotte gives Elizabeth's billboard, but it may just be one of many wild things to happen in this movie. There’s a literal back stabbing, a woman chained in high heels, and oodles and oodles of screaming in the minutes-long trailer alone.
Trust no Williams. We’re in for a wild ride.
The Perfection is on UK Netflix from 24th May

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