Why Hailey Bieber Will Never Dye Her Hair Pink Again

Photo: Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images.
Hailey Bieber at the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2018
If you follow Hailey Bieber — and let's face it, it's impossible not to — then you know the girl changes her hair with the frequency that the rest of us wash ours. It's long, it's short, it's pink, it's platinum, then back to short again — all in the span of a few weeks.
But in reality, the only haircuts she gets are the ones you can't see. That's because, thanks to the work of extensions, her true hair length stays consistent and doesn't ever travel past her collarbone. But that's not the only secret Bieber is hiding in that hot-pink head of hers — ahead, she spills about why she loves having fuchsia strands but won't be going rainbow anytime soon, how she plans to step up her Met Gala beauty look, and the one look she's never tried — but wants to.
We're digging the longer hair. What made you decide to switch it up after recently having a bob?
"I have so many extensions in it. Here’s the thing: I used to have long hair naturally when I was 16, but my hair is really thin and I don't think it’s necessarily the best looking when it’s long by itself. It’s so easy when it’s short, but sometimes I want the sexy, luxurious, long hair. I’ll see people on the internet saying, 'I missed when you had long hair,' and I’m like, I can literally put it back in tomorrow. It’s not like it grew and I keep cutting it; it’s been short for five years."
Have you thought about going back to pink?
"I loved my pink hair, but it’s hard to maintain. I get lazy and you have to do the cream rinse and the colour yourself — and I was just like, I’m done. It never stays one colour pink; it’s the perfect colour and then you wash it and it’s the wrong colour. But I loved it. If I could have kept it, I would have."
Photo: Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
Hailey Bieber with long hair at The Daily Front Row 6th Annual Fashion Media Awards in 2018
So if we see you with rainbow hair in the future, it'll be a wig?
"I’m not against a wig, but I never really wear them. I think they’re so fun, so I’m open to that. I’d probably do something very long. I’ve shot in a wig where I’ve done really short, black hair, red hair — I’ve done different colours and I love shooting in wigs. I actually thought about wearing a long wig for Met Ball because the theme is Camp. I kept joking around with everyone like, 'I’m going to show up like a big campfire,' and [people] were like, 'Hailey, you know that’s not what they mean.' And I was like, 'I guess I don’t know that’s not what they mean.'

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