Grease Is Getting A Prequel & It's Sandy & Danny's Origin Story

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Break out your poodle skirt, leather jacket, and inexplicably flying convertible: A Grease prequel is coming our way.
According to Deadline, everyone’s favurite piece of ‘50s nostalgia (through the lens of the ‘70s, which, if Happy Days is any indication, really loved that era of Americana) is finally telling us how the star-crossed lovers Danny and Sandy first met.
Oh, did you think that the 1978 Grease —starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John — did exactly that with the song “Summer Nights”? Well, yes, they did. Summer Loving is the name of the new film, which hails from Aladdin screenwriter John August and takes its title from a verse in the song. (“Summer loving, happened so fast!”)
Here's the song, because I know you were going to look it up anyway.
We may know the vague details of what happened between Sandy and Danny that summer on the beach, but it’s worth mentioning that the two characters have a wildly different interpretation of those three months. Was the romance as sweetly chaste as Sandy described, or did they really make out under the dock? Did they really stay out ‘til 10 o’clock??
The original stars of Grease will be replaced by younger actors in the iconic roles, which means it's time to start speculating wildly on who could portray the original film's adorably mismatched pair. I haven't heard him sing, but someone should probably be calling Noah Centineo right this second. As for Sandy, Every Day's Angourie Rice already has Newton-John's Australian accent down. (Because, um, she is also Australian.)
Oh, and I know best character Rizzo isn't in this movie, but if they want to add a subplot, Camila Mendes can definitely do it in between seasons of Riverdale.
Anyway. I'm not a casting director, just a passionate Grease fan. And this is the one prequel that I want.

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