These Are The Best UK Cities For Millennials

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According to new research, Glasgow is the best city in the UK for millennials to live in.
The research by credit experts Totally Money takes into account 16 factors deemed relevant to millennials putting down roots – including graduate work prospects, employment rates, weekly earnings, the cost of a meal for two, population age, the percentage of Brexit remain voters and gym membership rates.
The research also factors in the price of buying or renting a one-bedroom property in each of the 63 UK cities included.
Glasgow places top of the pile thanks to its "decent weekly wages, innumerable entertainment hotspots, and house prices well below the national average". A typical one-bedroom property in the Scottish city costs a little over £90,000.
London places second on the list despite its eye-watering property prices: the average one-bed in the capital costs £450,000! However, the UK's biggest city has more graduate hires than any other in the UK and ranks number one for "lifestyle".
Aberdeen places third thanks to its high employment rates and low cost-of-living: the average one-bed property there costs a shade under £85,000.
Liverpool is fourth because it's "a city that can achieve the much-coveted millennial work-life balance thanks to good weekly wages" and a high lifestyle score.
Bristol has relatively high property prices, but still places fifth because of its high number of start-ups, high employment rate, and enviable weekly salaries.
Check out the top ten below.
1. Glasgow
2. London
3. Aberdeen
4. Liverpool
5. Bristol
6. Gloucester
7. Southampton
8. Cardiff
9. Cambridge
10. Middlesbrough
James McCaffrey of TotallyMoney said of the results: "There are some things millennials have had to adjust to that haven’t been experienced by past generations, and with this comes an entirely different set of priorities.
“Rising house prices, stagnant wages, and Brexit are just some of the hurdles this generation have to get over. But, that’s where our map could help, as it makes it much easier for millennials to find the places where those hurdles might be easier to jump.
“Of course, the rankings should be taken with a small pinch of salt, as some factors will be more important to some than others."

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