These Are The Most Instagrammed Cities In Europe

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If you didn't post a holiday photo on Instagram, did you even go away? Sharing snaps on social media has become an integral part of the millennial travel experience – presuming you're not paying for roaming, of course – but some destinations are much more 'grammable than others.
According to new research by holiday rental site HomeToGo, London is the most Instagrammed city in Europe, amassing nearly 120m hashtags in 2018 alone.
Paris is second with around 101m hashtags, but the French capital has the most Instagrammed landmark in Europe: the Eiffel Tower, which attracted 2.8 million hashtags last year.
Although it's only the seventh most Instagrammed city, HomeToGo report that Amsterdam is the most searched-for city in Europe, suggesting it's a destination many of us want to get to know better.
Popular city break destinations Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Lisbon all make the top 15, too. Barcelona's most famous landmark, Gaudí's still-unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral, was hashtagged 1.6m times last year.
Slightly less well-known destinations on the list include Odessa, Ukraine's third largest city, which is known for its beaches and 19th century architecture. It's around five-and-a-half hours by plane from the UK, though those flights aren't direct.
Bibione, the chic seaside resort just outside of Venice, appears on the list, though Venice itself doesn't. Check out the top 15 below.
1. London (119.9m hashtags)
2. Paris (100.8m hashtags)
3. Barcelona (47.4m hashtags)
4. Rome (44.8m hashtags)
5. Berlin (36.1m hashtags)
6. Madrid (31.2m hashtags)
7. Amsterdam (26.7m hashtags)
8. Lisbon (17.7m hashtags0
9. Hamburg (15.3m hashtags)
10. Valencia (14.1m hashtags)
11. Odessa (6.3m hashtags)
12. Malaga (4.5m hashtags)
13. Benidorm (1.1m hashtags)
14. Nice (0.4m hashtags)
15. Bibione (0.2m hashtags)

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