Twitter Has A Lot To Say About Frank Ocean's Skin-Care Routine

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Many people know Frank Ocean for his musical genius and his entertaining Instagram page. (I mean, clips of Brad Pitt breaking it down on the dance floor? Epic!) But apparently Ocean has a whole other area of expertise: skin care. For GQ's latest cover story, the music artist spilled the details on his skin regimen and explained how men need to do better when it comes to their nighttime routines. Sure, he also touched on politics and music in his interview, but there's something extra special about knowing Frank Ocean devotedly dabs on retinol every evening.
"I really do believe in night cream," said the cover star. "I need the night cream because when I wake up I feel very beautiful, moisturised, and ready to have people making eye contact with me... [laughs] That’s the life hack right there."
The 31-year-old, who looks like he's ageing backwards, also took the opportunity to school men on the value of practicing good skin care. "I feel like men just go to sleep," he says. "They may wash their face or they don’t even bother — they go to sleep with the day face on. You really need to do a gentle wash and put a night moisturiser on. You can’t have the retinol in your creams in the day because it makes you more sun-sensitive, so you wanna throw that on at night." Preach, Frank.
The Blonde singer has done something that girlfriends, mothers, and beauty editors have been trying to accomplish for years: get men interested in moisturising. Shortly after the interview went live, the fellas took to Twitter to announce their 2019 skin-care goals. "Frank Ocean just dropped his skin-care routine. Fellas we staying moisturised all 2019," wrote one user.
While Ocean might have a skin routine that's better than most, he's still looking to add new things to his product lineup. Specifically, he's hoping Pharrell — who is flawless at 45 — will reveal his skin-care regimen. "It’s been all these years, and Pharrell still hasn’t given us the keys yet," he told GQ. "He just says 'exfoliate,' but it’s not just 'exfoliate.' We need more keys." We second that: Pharelll, give us the keys!

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