The Hottest Accessories On The Golden Globes Red Carpet? Times's Up Bracelets & Ribbons

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.
For the second year in a row, Time’s Up will define fashion at the Golden Globes.
Arianne Phillips, who designed the Time’s Up pins widely worn at last year’s Golden Globes, has crafted a new batch of accessories for 2019’s red carpet. The Oscar-nominated designer posted a sneak peek on Instagram of the black and white ribbons making their debut at the awards show along with bracelets, Deadline reports.
Phillips used last year’s pins as the foundation for the logo for Time’s Up X2, the newest iteration of the Time’s Up organisation. Times Up X2 calls for twice as many women in leadership positions across industries while celebrating the campaign’s second year. Founded just in time for 2018’s Golden Globes, the Time’s Up legal defence fund has connected nearly 4,000 men and women with necessary legal resources to fight workplace harassment.
While Time’s Up has been largely championed by actors and entertainers in the wake of the devastating Harvey Weinstein revelations, Phillips is calling on the fashion industry to step up to the plate, too. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “I can’t think of anything more appropriate than fashion brands who have built careers on the red carpet donating to the Time’s Up legal fund, because as we’ve learned in the last year, there’s nothing more powerful than how we spend our money.”
While we’re still waiting for a glimpse at the Time’s Up bracelets, one thing we know for sure is the red carpet will be a lot more colourful than last year’s. According to The Business of Fashion, 2018’s effort to wear black formal wear in solidarity of #MeToo will not be repeated at this year’s award show, leaving room for some more creative red carpet looks.

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