Jameela Jamil Slams Celebs Promoting Diet Teas

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If you follow Jameela Jamil on Instagram or Twitter, you know that she's very outspoken about body positivity and not afraid to critique celebrities when they support problematic diets and laxatives, such as, Flat Tummy detox teas and shakes. Over the weekend, Jamil tweeted that she hopes "all these celebrities all shit their pants in public, the way the poor women who buy this nonsense upon their recommendation do."
So today, after Iggy Azalea posted a sponsored photo holding Flat Tummy meal replacements, claiming that they got her "more definition in my tummy without losing my ass," Jamil did not hold back.
"When will these women who are covered in plastic surgery stop telling their followers to drink a laxative to look like them?" Jamil tweeted. "It’s so embarrassing and it’s so encouraging of eating dirsordered [sic] behavior. BE BETTER ALLIES!" She then explained that growing up she bought into "miracle cures and laxatives" from celebrities in order to maintain a lower weight, but they made her sick and messed with her digestion and metabolism over time.
Azalea is certainly not the first celebrity to promote these laxative shakes and teas, nor is she the last one that Jamil will call out. This week, Khloé Kardashian shared a photo advertising Flat Tummy shakes, and earlier this year Kim Kardashian advertised Flat Tummy appetite-suppression lollipops on Instagram. In a follow-up tweet, Jamil posted a collection of Flat Tummy Instagram ads posted by Khloé Kardashian, Cardi B, Amber Rose, and Azalea, with the caption: "Give us the discount codes to your nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers, airbrushers and plastic surgeons you bloody liars."
Jamil makes two very important points in this latest thread that are worth repeating: detox teas are harmful to people's health (dietary supplements aren't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so there's no telling what's in them), and these types of social media posts can be damaging to people's body image and self-esteem.
Frankly, celebrities should know better than to perpetuate disordered eating behaviour and unachievable body standards — especially people with millions of fans who look up to them, like Cardi B and the Kardashians. "If you tell your fans to be thinner, you don’t love your fans," Jamil tweeted. "You don’t give a shit about them or their mental health or self worth."
So, yeah, diet products that convince people that their bodies need to be smaller in order to be respected are without a doubt in the Bad Place.
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