Why 'Monopoly For Millennials' Is Being Savaged By Twitter

Photo: Hasbro
For many of us, Monopoly is a board game synonymous with childhood holidays. Stuffed full of Christmas lunch, games could drag on for hours, with one family member always seeming to sneak a few notes from the banker on the sly. If this player was you, own it – we won't judge.
But a new version of the game supposedly aimed at millennials doesn't quite conjure the same warm and fuzzy vibes. "Forget real estate," Monopoly for Millennials says on its box, "You can't afford it anyway." Um, thanks?
So instead of challenging us to accumulate property like traditional Monopoly, the millennial edition encourages players to collect as many experiences as possible. These include going to a meditation retreat, crashing on a friend’s sofa and dining at a vegan bistro.
Players can choose to navigate the board not as an iron or top hat, but as a hashtag or crying emoji.
On the back of the box, the game's mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags is shown taking a selfie while holding a takeaway coffee – one of the reasons we can't afford flat deposits, obviously – and listening to music on his earphones.
On Twitter, the response to the game hasn't exactly been enthusiastic.
The game is currently for sale in the US from supermarket chain Walmart priced at $19.82 – a figure which looks remarkably like the year in which the first millennials are often said to have been born.
Monopoly's manufacturer Hasbro has defended the new edition in a press statement, telling Fortune: "We created Monopoly for Millennials to provide fans with a lighthearted game that allows Millennials to take a break from real life and laugh at the relatable experiences and labels that can sometimes be placed on them.
"With many of us being Millennials ourselves, we understand the seemingly endless struggles and silly generalisations that young Millennials can face (and we can’t even!). Whether you are a lifestyle vlogger, emoji lover or you make your ‘side hustle’ selling vegan candles, Monopoly for Millennials is for you!"

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