Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
This week will feel like fighting a hydra: Once you deal with one problem, another will rear its ugly head.
We start the week with a waxing moon in Capricorn, imbuing us all with a can-do attitude. But make sure that you aren't being too harsh with others when offering criticism. The moon then shifts into Aquarius on Tuesday, which will make us eager to share our ideas with each other. You might not feel in the mood to focus on boring tasks while the moon is in this inventive, humanitarian sign. On Thursday night, the moon will transition into Pisces, inspiring us to release our emotions.
On Saturday, Venus (finally!) ends her retrograde. If you’ve been holding off on trying a new beauty ritual or decorating your home, you’ll be good to go after Saturday! Once direct, the planet of beauty and charm will help us fine-tune the little details that we wouldn’t usually think about. On the very same Saturday, Mercury begins his third retrograde of the year. Just remember to breathe, stargazers.
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