Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
If Venus’s retrograde has been throwing you through a loop, hold on! The planet of charm, beauty and money is just getting started with her rollercoaster ride — specifically, she's asking us to take it slow in the areas of life she rules. Don’t let Venus' backspin get you too into your feelings on Sunday during the Pisces moon, when our emotions may flow more freely.
We'll have a chance to compose ourselves on Monday. Once the moon moves on to Aries, we’ll be able to push ahead. The will be in this sign until Tuesday afternoon, motivating us and igniting our passions along the way.
Scorpio season arrives on the 23rd, when the sun stirs up our desires to investigate the unknown. The sun will also oppose Uranus on this day, making us feel itchy about change. Remember: It’s better to go with the flow than against it. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, when the full moon arrives in Taurus. Will your plans from earlier this month come to fruition? Read on to find out what these celestial movements mean for you.
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