Women Who Work A 4-Day Week Tell Us How They Spend Their Extra Day

photographed by Tayler Smith.
When one New Zealand company touted the benefits of its four-day work week policy back in July, the story became headline news here and garnered an effusive response from people around the world. Perpetual Guardian, a company that manages trusts and wills, trialled a four-day work week and encouraged staff to manage their personal lives and home commitments on their extra day. The result? Employees reported a better work-life balance, lower stress levels, increased life satisfaction and crucially, their productivity remained the same. The news was a welcome antidote to the ever-encroaching nature of work and the pressure to be always 'on' and contactable via email.
Judging by the plaudits the trial received, more of us are attracted to (or at least intrigued by) the prospect of working four days a week. We picture ourselves finally starting that novel, taking Pilates classes in the middle of the day or starting our own business from the comfort of our bed. But is that realistic? How much of a difference would it really make to our wellbeing?
Nine women who work four days a week told Refinery29 how they spend their extra day and how it's affected their lives...

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