Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
We tend to complain about Mercury retrograde because we don't know what else to blame for our problems. Besides, everyone else does it and misery loves company, right? As satisfying as whining about Mercury may feel in the moment, we should probably put a more positive spin on its retrograde periods. They're nothing new, they happen three times a year, and, trust us, they're actually pretty darn helpful. Try meditating this week on what this slow-down has done for you. Before the scapegoat planet goes direct next week, consider the benefits of a much-needed reset.
Mars starts the week off with a bang when it enters Capricorn. Since the red planet is still retrograde (and making even our best-laid plans move in slow motion), this is an opportunity to rehash, reorganise, and restore anything that's bugging you at work — leave any executing for after the 27th, when Mars goes direct.
If you have some free time on Sunday, spend some time tidying up and cleaning out your home as the moon enters Virgo. Don't be surprised if you suddenly have a Terminator-like ability to zero in on the sneakiest messes. We might be feeling more social (and ready to host an impromptu shindig) when the moon enters Libra on Tuesday.

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