Are These The Accomplishments Really Valued By Modern Women?

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Half of the UK's women really aren't keen on the word "housewife", according to new research.
A survey of 2,000 British women found that 38% think the term is outdated, while a further 12% believe it's sexist or embarrassing.
The survey by My Nametags also asked women to specify what they consider to be an accomplishment for the modern woman. More than half (54%) said having financial security, while a shade under half (49%) said being happy.
Hearteningly, 39% cited empowering other women as an accomplishment – nearly as many as the 44% who said being happy to live on your own, and the 40% who specified having a well-paid job.
Check out the top ten accomplishments below.
1. Having financial security (54%)
2. Being happy 49 percent (49%)
3. Being happy to live on your own (44%)
4. Having a well-paid job (40%)
5. Empowering other woman (39%)
6. Owning a house (39%)
7. Having a good group of friends (32%)
8. Having a clean home (32%)
9. Being well read (32%)
10. A career with responsibility (29%)
My Nametags' managing director Lars B. Andersen said in response to the results: "The results show that priorities have changed over time, as modern women are not as interested in learning traditional skills, such as knitting or sewing. Nearly 80% said they would rather pay for convenience when it comes to things like buying costumes for school plays, rather than making them by hand, or buying birthday cakes instead of baking them at home.
Andersen added: "It seems we place less importance on these skills as being an accomplished woman today is much more about being happy, financially independent and having a good group of friends."
Given the importance modern women place on having financial security and having a well-paid job, it's especially disappointing to look back at the results of this year's government-enforced gender pay gap data.
It was found that men earn more than women in 78% of companies with 250 employers or more. By contrast, women earn more than men in just 14% of companies, and there's no gender pay gap in just 8% of companies.
Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics revealed in April 2017 that men earn an average of 18.4% more than women – which definitely is an outdated, sexist and embarrassing state of affairs.

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