These 10 Companies Have The Worst Gender Pay Gaps

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Wednesday night was the deadline for UK companies (with more than 250 employees) to report their gender pay gaps – and the results aren't pretty.
Men earn more than women in nearly 80% of UK companies, with the median pay disparity among them standing at 9.8%, according to a BBC analysis of the data.
Just 8% of companies reported having no gender pay gap, while 14% of companies pay their female employees more than their male counterparts, the data suggests.
The sectors with the biggest pay gaps are the construction industry and finance and insurance, as well as the female-dominated field of education, reported the Guardian.
However, not all eligible companies bothered to file their data, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) estimating that as many as 1,500 ignored the deadline. "We're obviously pleased with the rate of reporting, but it is the law, it's not an option," the EHRC's chief executive, Rebecca Hilsenrath, told the BBC. "It is the right thing to do, and we will be enforcing against all those organisations which failed to meet the deadline."
Many companies have also sought advice on the from specialist consultants on how they could legally report a more favourable picture of pay inequality within their company, according to a recent Channel 4 documentary.
But of the companies that did submit their data, these are some of the worst offenders, based on the disparity between the median hourly rate between male and female staff.

The 10 UK companies with the biggest gender pay gaps

1) NWN Media (85.2%)
2) Millwall Holdings PLC (80%)
3) GoToDoc (77%)
4) Boux Avenue lingerie group (75.7%)
5) Fusion People (73.3%)
6) Aaron Services (73%)
7) Malling Health (73%)
8) Ryanair (71.8%)
9) Connells Survey and Valuation (71%)
10) Fosse Healthcare (69.8%)
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