Could Cannabis Be The Miracle Sunburn Remedy We've Been Waiting For?

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Whether you're a frequent visiter to MedMen or simply a curious beauty buff, it's hard to deny that cannabidiol (or CBD) is trending — everywhere. Why? Some studies tell us that not only will this herbal extraction help our anxiety, muscle pain, and acne, but it could also condition our eyelashes and tame our brows. Essentially, it's the multi-purpose "It" product of 2018. Now, we can add one more benefit to its list, and it involves your biggest summer pet peeve.
We're spending more time in the sun than any other season out of the year... combined. This could be on the beach, by the pool, or even on a cool London rooftop. However you're soaking up the sun, soaking up just a little too much of it can lead to a nasty, blistering burn. And — yup, you guessed it — CBD can help.
Often used as an anti-inflammatory in topical formulas, CBD is one sunburn remedy we never considered — but that was a mistake. Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, confirms that although CBD can be used for ailments both internally and externally, it's great for skin burns because of its anti-inflammatory effect, and its power to reduce pain and prevent potential infections.
Unfortunately, the market has yet to catch up to this discovery. For now, you can lather on Lord Jones' CBD-infused balm that also doubles as the perfect post-workout relief (1 ml. of lotion delivers 2 milligrams of CBD. Translation: a lot of CBD). Not a CBD rookie? Skin and body-care brand Papa & Barkley also creates THC and CBD formulated balms, bath soaks, and tension-relief patches.
Still willing to settle for some good ol' aloe vera gel from the drugstore (and a little more diligence with your sunscreen reapplication next time)? That's fine, because we can think of another way you can use CBD to forget about that raging burn...

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