So, What Do We Call Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson?

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images.
If you weren’t paying attention to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson before, then it’s time to listen up.
According to Us Weekly and People, the newest couple on the block is already engaged, which means we’re running approximately two years behind on our stanning. So in order to make up for lost time, we need to give Grande and Davidson a proper couple name. Right now.
Like Brangelina of yore and the most recent on-again off-again Jelena situation, every A-List celebrity couple has been given a custom portmanteau (a.k.a a joint nickname that combines the letters and sounds of two separate names). But as of late, however, there haven’t been any iconic monikers (Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's Zigi isn't dominating headlines). Could that change with Davidson and Grande? Probably not. But let's give it a shot anyways.
Here’s what we’ve got:
And of those catching on? Let's go further.
There's“Ariatae” and “Petiana,” and if you want to give up entirely, it can just be “Peteariana.”
Unfortunately, these are all bad. According to Us Weekly, the couple is "looking forward to a very long engagement together," presumably to give us enough time to get our affairs in order and start stanning properly.
Until then, hello Davande.

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