The "Tristan Thompson Being Yelled At" Meme Is So Satisfying

Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images.
The internet can be baffling (#TeamYanny), but it can also be so, so satisfying. Take, for example, the latest meme to take over sports Twitter (yes, we have the range to know about sports Twitter). The meme of the moment is so wholesome and pure that it just may be the most honourable image on the internet. It is being dubbed the "Tristan Thompson being yelled at" meme, and it's perfect.
It is a photograph of Marcus Morris, of the Boston Celtics, legit screaming at Tristan Thompson, of the Cleveland Cavaliers and current resident of the Kardashian dog house. It doesn't matter what he is screaming at Thompson (something sports-related) in the photo, because we all know what he was really thinking. He is in Thompson's face to let him know that he did Khloé Kardashian wrong when he cheated on her while she was pregnant. In the slightly altered words of Lauren Conrad, "He knows what he did."
And now the jury of the internet is here to serve him his punishment via this special, wonderful meme.
For those who are curious, here's the build up to the moment.
Justice has been served.

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