Take Comfort In Beyoncé & Solange Falling Over At Coachella, Mere Mortals

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Beyoncé is, in fact, a real human being. Yes, we know it can difficult to think of her as anything other than an earthly manifestation of the divine genderless Almighty Apotheosis, to which we are undeserving of, and must proclaim our devotion to each morning. But yes, Beyoncé is a person (though, like Rihanna, we’ll still say our blessings to Queen Bey everyday) who does things that people do, like give birth and camly deals with party cheek biters. Beyoncé even falls on stage. Unlike us, though, when Beyoncé falls, she makes it look like glitter tumbling from the sky.
Peep this exhibit footage below. Yoncé took to the Coachella stage for the festival’s second weekend, wowing us all again after the mastery that was #Beychella. In one portion, she brings out her equally resplendent sister Solange, and the two duet back and forth in matching sparkly Balmain looks. Solange reprises Beyoncé’s fringed drum major boots by Christian Louboutin, which feature a seriously tall heel. Queen Bey herself is wearing silver heeled ankle boots that look equally alarming. And while the two dance nimbly at first, Beyoncé attempts to lift Solange up in an embrace, the heels prove their treachery, and the Knowles sisters fall to the stage.
But, because it’s Beyoncé and Solange, their fall is less calamitous and more endearing. They both shook their legs in the air and devolved into giggles, then walked it off as though nothing has occurred. Fall, what fall? Honestly, we’re surprised that Beyoncé didn’t endure more shaky landings during her two Coachella performances — a highly-choreographed spectacle that lasted for two hours. Beyoncé falling on stage may be proof that she is a human, but we think that it’s actually proof of her transcendent essence. After all, the fact that she fell only once while dancing and wearing heels onstage for a total of four hours is, well, godly. Time to light our Beyoncé prayer candles.
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