Cardi B Wasn't Twerking At Coachella — She Was Showing How Babies Are Made

Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images.
When Cardi B twerked across the stage at Coachella last weekend, she was demonstrating how babies are made! At least, that's what she joked to Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen Wednesday.
"It looks like you're getting ready to give birth right there," DeGeneres joked after seeing a video of Cardi at the festival.
"You know, they say the more you move, the easier it will come out," Cardi — whose given name is Belcalis Almanzar — pointed out. "I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place."
In early April, Cardi dropped her first studio album Invasion of Privacy alongside the news that she was pregnant by the rapper Offset. She performed two songs on Saturday Night Live. During the second number, she wore a tight-fitting number that highlighted her stomach — as the camera panned out, the audience cheered for Cardi's pregnancy announcement. She went on to co-host The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon for the week. She capped off that week by performing (and twerking) at Coachella.
Lastly, but certainly not leastly, Cardi made headlines yesterday when Bernie Sanders tweeted his agreement with Cardi's opinions on social security. Cardi earlier told GQ that FDR was the real "Make America Great Again" president because he started social security. Sanders saw the quote on Twitter and reposted it, adding, "Cardi B is right."
In short, it's the month of Cardi B — may she reign forevermore. Below, watch the full clip of Cardi on Ellen, in which she also discusses her desired car.

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