Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
The week begins on a slow and indecisive note, thanks to Sunday’s meetup between the sensitive, Pisces sun and Neptune, planet of dreams. Unless your job requires you to be compassionate and imaginative, like a social worker or artist, Sunday and Monday won’t be great times to get work done. Instead, use your energy to connect with others, appreciate art (like reading, listening to music, or going to a movie), and find a larger reason for what you do. What do you hope your work can give to your fellow human beings? Which of your creative efforts and leadership activities do you think you’ll be most proud of a year from now? Is that project your focus right now? Intuition is sharpened during these days, so listen to your feelings and, when in doubt, wait until you’re sure of the right course of action.
On Tuesday, thoughtful Mercury enters Aries, delivering a burst of clarity in your decisions. By Thursday, we’ll start to feel the messy confusion of Mercury retrograde, so take advantage of your mental speed now. Make any major decisions you can on Wednesday, buy plane tickets, sign contracts and have any important conversations you’ve been delaying.
On Thursday, Mercury begins to slow to its eventual retrograde (on the 22nd) and expansive Jupiter turns retrograde, too. Even when it's in retrograde, Jupiter is a benevolent force, bringing opportunities to learn more and restore our faith in other humans. Because Jupiter spends nearly half the year appearing to move backwards, its retrograde period will be most noticeable this month when the planet seems to be standing still. Jupiter’s message? We often overlook the good stuff in our lives. Pay attention to what’s going well for you — where in your life does success come easily and joy flow freely? The more effort, generosity, and gratitude you put into these areas, the more abundance you’ll create.

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