Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
What do you love enough to defend? Sunday’s passionate meeting between Mars and Venus sets a tone for the week. Venus, planet of beauty, is always in search of perfect balance. As she journeys through Pisces, that search takes on spiritual overtones, making us humans yearn for soulmate connections and pure escape from the ugly parts of life. Meanwhile, Mars is on a heroic quest in Sagittarius, bringing out our gallant — and cocky — sides, and instigating even more than the usual number of moral and political fights.
When these two planets square off Sunday morning, it’s as exciting and tumultuous as any great romance. We’ll all be getting a surge of energy to focus on bringing more beauty into our daily lives. The air will be heavy with sexual chemistry, waiting to be ignited by true connection. Artists and craftspeople can get a ton of work done under this influence. Any household beautification, like painting the walls a calming shade of green or deep-cleaning your carpets, will be a cinch to complete and extra satisfying, too. You may find that you’re finally mad enough to turn off your notifications in the evenings or that you aren't quite ready to join a grassroots movement. Venus squaring Mars isn’t a great influence for starting a new relationship — it makes us attracted to people who make us mad. But for the partnered, it will help you have a good, clean argument that clears the air (and it'll make you want to bone).
On Thursday, the full moon in Virgo will pull emotions up to the surface whether or not we feel ready. A critical, nitpicky frustration is a sure sign someone is feeling angry or sad. The influence of Neptune opposite the moon means feelings (and communication) will be confusing at first but worth the trouble. Expressing yourself might even be healing.