Your Horoscope For The Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Screech! The cosmos is throwing on the brakes and all signs say to slow way down. Grand plans may need to be set aside this week and high bars are begging to be lowered. Pisces season has begun, marking the season of rest and imagination. It's time for a check-in with that quiet voice within.
The sun enters Pisces on Sunday morning, joining leisurely Venus and mental Mercury. The three buddies are off to meet the wizard — played in this version of the movie by Neptune, planet of dreams. Like the Wizard of Oz, Neptune is a master of illusions, presenting our wildest fantasies to us as if they are real. That dreamy crush, the ideal job, and countless fantasies of rescuing someone, going viral, or regaining a lost love — all seem close enough to grab onto as the week wears on. Neptune rules addiction, and like addicts, we’ll want to fight to reach that elusive escape from our real and difficult lives.
Neptunian illusions thrive on the internet, where it’s easy to pretend we’re prettier and happier than we are — or that our sadness is poetic and cool. Likewise, the people we admire online are not what they seem. The urge to pursue "likes" and applause will intensify on Friday and Saturday, when the goody-two-shoes Virgo moon makes us obsessed with getting the social performance right.
All that said, Neptune does have an awesome side. Peace, spirituality, imagination, compassion, and art are all his terrain. When we get on Neptune’s good side, we feel music as much as listen to it; we’re overjoyed for our friends’ success; and we have a sense that what we need will come to us at the right time. To be that monk-like this week means unplugging. Switch off the devices. Open the blinds. Put on your chillest playlist and go visit the plants and trees.

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