5 Of Aaliyah's Most Iconic Beauty Looks

Photo: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.
On my first day of fifth grade, my teacher asked the class to share who their favourite famous person was — and my hand shot right up into the air. "Khalea, the one who loves Aaliyah" was my identity for the beginning of the school year... and up until 25th August 2001, when the singer passed away in a fatal plane crash. Even though it's been 16 years since her untimely death, it's impossible to forget about the singer and actress (who would've turned 39 today). We all miss her, but thankfully, her legacy will live on forever.
Aaliyah's sound was futuristic, and in turn, her glam was also ahead of its time. It's impossible to choose a best look — she had too many to count, thanks to big budget music videos and numerous red carpet appearances. And hopefully, MAC Cosmetics does her justice this summer with their collection, which finally came into fruition after a Change.org petition racked up over 26,000 signatures.
Until then, we'll hold on to the memories and marvel at the beauty of Baby Girl, as it will never, ever be duplicated. Check out some of our favourite looks ahead, and let us know what yours are in the comments below.

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