Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
It will keep us together, it can’t be bought, it makes the world go around. It supposedly makes a Subaru a Subaru, and can be used to measure a year. Yes, we’re talking about love. But do you even know what love is?
On Tuesday, the Sun comes face to face with Venus, planet of love, money, make-outs, and personal values. What is love? Love in astrology has to do with how we treat our bodies as much as it does with who we pledge our hearts to. Love has a different meaning in your life than it does to the Beatles or to a car company’s marketing department. Love is one thing with your mum, another with your best friend, and an entirely different animal when figuring out how to treat yourself with love and respect.
This week, our collective project is to look at our relationships and — meta warning! — our relationship to relationships. Something attracted you to these friends, this partner. You’ve chosen them for deep, hard-to-put-into-words reasons. Maybe they reminded you of your family. They made you laugh. You felt seen, calm, or excited in their presence. But friends and lovers can make us feel like crap, too, especially when they bring out the parts of ourselves we haven’t figured out how to live with.
The planets are giving you a bravery booster right now to connect with others more honestly and deeply. If a friend has turned into a frenemy lately, for instance, you can use the celestial encouragement to ask them what’s up. There’s enough love in the air to help you move through a conversation with kindness, leaving the bond stronger and helping you define for yourself what love really means.