Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
The planets are throwing 2017 a fabulous goodbye party. The forces of friendship, love, and sparkly fun jump out of a cake, brandishing their noisemakers and inviting you to spend the evening exchanging tales of your most recent trip around the sun.
You will wake up hungover with feeling going into 2018. An intense Cancer full moon on Monday makes you want instant gratification for needs that change too quickly to be sure of. A collective time-out is called for. Stay in bed, read, meditate, force-cuddle a small animal, preferably domesticated. On Tuesday, you’re ready to turn your feelings into creative action. New Year’s resolutions about art-making, volunteering, or supporting others are sparking and in search of a wick to light. You won’t be forced to make anything of the pleasant vibes, but just do it. The more you put yourself out there, the more connected you’ll feel to others — and social connections are associated with good mental health.
Dark, serious Capricorn season can bring out depression — it’s one of the main associations with the sign. It will be easy this week to skulk indoors, cocooning yourself in comfort and escape. A more awesome, more energising use of the influence is to schedule friend dates, pursue a crush, treat your sweetie, manifest a dream into concrete reality, or go out of your way for someone who needs help. Capricorn energy makes us happy, in its old-man-ish way, when we forge ahead with a goal that’s as meaningful to our community as to ourselves.
On Saturday, we have a once-a-decade surge of focused fight when Mars meets Jupiter in Scorpio. This power pair pours jet fuel onto the week’s inspired spark. If you’ve managed to direct your inspiration toward a goal, next week will give you the thunderous aiaiiiee! to see it through. Do watch out for fiery tempers, though — yours included.

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